Many impoverished regions and remote villages around the globe are located far from health care resources. Especially in less developed countries, the villagers lack the transportation and/or the financial capacity to ACCESS the limited health care assistance available to them. Therefore, they often endure chronically poorer health, diminished quality of life and shortened life spans.

The FUEGO Foundation is committed to supporting clinics and laboratories in under-resourced areas, giving ACCESS to those in desperate need.

Having more immediate ACCESS to health care clinics and laboratory services, greatly shortens the time to diagnosis, the start of treatment, and the hope of healing. The clinics supported by FUEGO give continuity of care to patients of all ages, without regard to the ability to pay. The FUEGO Foundation provides financial support for the purchase of equipment, supplies, and medications to help the clinic become self-sustaining. FUEGO also offers assistance in the form of education and training.