The FUEGO Foundation was established to expand AID through global health outreach, increase ACCESS to care, and facilitate health care EDUCATION.

There is a tremendous There is a tremendous need in less developed nations for enhanced access to quality health care. The disparity in health care outcomes in such countries in comparison to the United States and other more developed nations is vast. Currently, there are more than one billion people who lack essential and basic health care due to their extreme poverty. These statistics represent true human suffering, shortened life spans, and a diminished quality of life. Limited access to qualified health care providers, and very little disposable income with which to pay for health care, means that far too many suffer from preventable and curable diseases.

FUEGO supports outreach to under-resourced communities through the support of permanent medical and dental clinics, the training of health care providers as well as student and resident trainees, and travel scholarships for graduate students desirous of engaging in medical missions or public health projects. FUEGO responds to grant requests from organizations abroad whose mission matches our interests.

The FUEGO Foundation currently supports clinics in Guatemala. It has, since its inception, supported medical missions sponsored by DOCare International. For many years, travel scholarships have been given to graduate students from across the U.S. applying to the Step by Step Scholarship Fund to help them cover the costs of international travel for health-related mission trips. In addition, FUEGO has supported research on the barriers to health care access. Recently, FUEGOhas collaborated with a href="https://www.daysforgirls.org/">Days for Girls to distribute educational materials and feminine hygiene kits in Central and South America.

Board members, advisors, and volunteers involved with our nonprofit foundation are inspired to facilitate sustainable healthcare and extend educational resources to impoverished regions. The FUEGO Foundation is pleased to fuel life and hope to those in need and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

There are many ways in which you can help.