Step by Step Scholarship Program

Step by Step Scholarship Fund

The Step by Step Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to graduate students to help offset their travel expenses incurred through participation in global health outreach.

Experience has shown that students engaged in meaningful humanitarian service will develop into professionals that continue to give back throughout their careers. As graduate professional students grow through service to under-served populations, they develop a desire that propels them to serve again and again.

Scholarship support will allow as many students as possible to have the opportunity for a health outreach experience, and thereby we will have a generation graduating with a greater commitment to give to their communities or to international populations in need.

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Scholarship Applications

If you are a graduate student with a scheduled global health outreach experience, you may submit an application for a travel scholarship. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. To request application materials, write to [email protected]

To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be:


Completed applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Please allow 4-6 weeks of processing time prior to your program payment deadlines to be considered and to allow for time to make payments to organizations that require advance payment for participation.


The travel scholarship will be made in the form of a check for allowable out of pocket expenses to include airfare and lodging. Program expenses that can be paid directly to the sponsoring humanitarian organization can be paid in advance of your travel. Amounts disbursed will be based on availability of funds.

All applicants MUST fill out a Trip Reflection Form and submit four photographs with descriptions after the humanitarian trip is complete. Submit photographs to [email protected]. Please submit photographs showing you performing humanitarian work and working with local people.

For any questions, please email [email protected].