A Clinic in Tecpán, Guatemala

Working together with local health care providers and, with the blessing of the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, the FUEGO Foundation is preparing to open a modern clinic and a laboratory in the impoverished highland region of Guatemala called Tecpán.

Staffed by Guatemalans and supported by other non-profit organizations such as Fundación Educa Pueblo Viejo, Project C.U.R.E. and DOCARE International, the clinic will provide continuity care to patients of all ages, without regard to the ability to pay.

The nearest laboratory has been far away at the National Hospital. Having laboratory services readily available will greatly shorten the time to diagnosis and the start of treatment.

FUEGO is currently fundraising for plans already underway to expand this clinic facility to match the anticipated growth.

Educational Facilities in Tecpán, Guatemala

FUEGO plans to build an educational facility adjacent to the new clinic that will have capacity to house visiting health care providers and space to hold classes.

The building will offer housing and dining areas for those coming to Tecpán to provide medical assistance and humanitarian aid. It will also have conference areas large enough to provide educational classes to local physicians on current medical practices and procedures, and classes for local families on preventative healthcare, well-being and nutrition.

This educational phase of FUEGO’s purpose is key as it enables the indigenous people to become self sustaining. The facility will provide jobs to the local community, sustainable income for the clinic, and lasting health education that will improve the quality and length of life for generations to come.


Students who serve become professionals who give.

FUEGO continues its effort to aid graduate students in health-related studies who wish to serve medical missions or participate in public health projects abroad. Scholarships provide monetary support to help defray the costs of travel for global health outreach participation.

Experience has shown that students engaged in meaningful humanitarian service will develop into professionals that continue to give back throughout their careers.