Health outreach missions involve licensed health care providers, graduate students from various health professions and lay people looking for opportunities to serve. There are many regions around the world with little or no access to any kind of health care and the volunteers from the FUEGO Foundation give AID to the human suffering of these inflicted and destitute people.

Health Care Providers – Podiatrists, Dermatologists, Nurses, Pediatricians, Otolaryngologists, Osteopathic Physicians, Dentists, etc. donate their time and expertise to give hope and life to those in bleak circumstances. They supervise and train local health care providers, administer medicines and vaccinations, collect data, provide surgical procedures, and teach families preventative health care pertinent to their culture and region. Volunteer practitioners find these health outreach missions rewarding, knowing that as they regenerate life to the body, they ignite the soul with hope.

Students – Research shows that students who have once engaged in humanitarian outreach not only develop greater empathy but also improved cultural competency and understanding. These changes carry over and impact the quality of care when the student returns to their studies and future professions. In addition, a significant percentage of students who participate in international missions return again and again. Students work along side of the licensed health care providers and administer medicines and procedures as well. The FUEGO Foundation offsets students' travel costs with scholarships to those who desire to serve health care outreach missions. Here, students tell of their experiences, what they learned and how they were changed for the better.

Lay Volunteers – Those people without health care backgrounds also give humanitarian AID on our health outreach missions by helping with the organization of the mission, patient check-in, translation services, overall runner, etc. We appreciate all those who give of their time and talents and who are willing to serve others in need.

Find out how you can be a part of the FUEGO Foundation team and give AID to those who need your care.