Many impoverished regions and remote villages around the globe have national health care that is more than an hour’s drive away – if you had any transportation available, or several days journey on foot – if you were healthy enough to walk or had any feet to walk on. Since these underdeveloped countries and villagers lack the ability and availability to get any health care assistance, they live in constant suffering, diminished quality of life and shortened life spans.

The FUEGO Foundation is committed to locating or building facilities to serve as clinics and laboratories in remote areas, giving ACCESS to those in desperate need.

Having ACCESS to more immediate health care clinics and laboratory services, greatly shortens the time to diagnosis, the start of treatment, and the hope of healing. The clinics will provide continuity care to patients of all ages, without regard to the ability to pay. Once a clinic is established, the FUEGO Foundation secures equipment, supplies, the staffing of local practitioners, and means by which the clinic can be self-sustaining. FUEGO will also maintain indefinite contact with established clinics to offer assistance, planning and continual education and training.

The FUEGO Foundation will manage one project at a time and when complete, FUEGO will move to another country or region in need of greater clinical and laboratory services.